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Authentic Moroccan Recipes – Our Family Favourites!

Moroccan cuisine is all about the slow cooking and simmering of fresh ingredients delicately infused with aromatic spices. It is one of the ancient cuisines in the world and undeniably one of the best.

It is varied, colourful and healthy. The slow cooking helps preserve the nutritional qualities of the food and enhances the flavour of the ingredients used.

Follow us on our culinary voyage into the ancient medinas and imperial cities of Morocco with these delicious simple Moroccan recipes that are easy to follow using our range of authentic Moroccan spice mixes carefully selected from our family repertoire.

Enjoy! Or as we say in Morocco Bessaha!

Click here to view our selection of favourite family recipes.

Click here to view our full range of Moroccan Spice Mixes and pantry essentials.

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