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Moroccan Vintage Aluminium Tray Or Table with Black Cedar Wood Legs Diameter 86 cm. 33.8'' (ALT1)

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Moroccan Vintage Aluminium Tray Table Handmade Hand Engraved many years ago by Skilled craftsmen in the city of Fez Morocco.

Ideal as an occasional table, large tray, decorative feature, wall art... 

Measurements are approximately:   Diameter: 86 cm. / 33.8''   -  Height:  50 cm.  /  19.7''

Some wear and tear is present due to the vintage nature of the table.

A unique tray with its very own intricate hand-engraved beautiful geometrical and floral patterns.

Moroccan Aluminium Trays were traditionally used in Morocco as 'dining' tables. They were set-up at meal times and then removed  to allow for more space to relax. They were also used to allow for bigger gatherings especially as tables were traditionally  small. 

Aluminium trays are very practical, light and versatile. This is why they were and are still very popular in Morocco. They hardly take any space at all -  they can be tucked away safely - and allow for multi-functional rooms. 

The wooden legs are made of Moroccan Cedar Wood in the Moucharaby style and the legs can be folded for easy storage.

Nowadays Moroccan Vintage Tray Tables are highly sought after  and cherished as must-have pieces of  Moroccan Interior  Design reminiscent of a bygone era.   

Product Code 5056282001926
Brand Essence of Morocco
Condition New

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