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Moroccan Ceramic Plate Platter Handmade Hand Painted Safi Blue 40 cm / 15.7"

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Moroccan Ceramic Plate Platter Blue and white from Safi. 

Handmade, hand-painted in Safi by skilled artisans.

A unique piece of Moroccan interior design, a wonderful centre piece for your table. 

Can be used as a presentation dish, fruit bowl, platter or simply as a beautiful decorative ornament on your table or wall...

In Morocco and other Mediterranean countries, this plate would traditionally be used as wall decoration ( using the holes at the bottom of the plate and some string ).

Measurements are approximately: Diameter: 40 cm. / 15.7''   / Height 8 cm. / 3.1''


Product Code 5056282000011
Brand Essence of Morocco
Condition New

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